Now more than ever, our world is dying — literally — for the awakened masculine. 

• PRESENCE steeped in integrity, kindness and clear vision

• ACTION generated by a fierce sense of justice, right use of power and protection of those in need

• PURPOSE informed by love, self-confidence and embodiment

• SEXUALITY that is both passionate and centered in connection

The quest to realize the Awakened Masculine begs these questions:

    • Can we evolve beyond our culturally conditioned masculine roles and live the lives we’re meant to live?
    • Can we move through fear, failure, and family patterns and truly open our hearts?
    • Once the heart is open, how does it connect to our sexuality?
    • How do we interact with women and fully honor our masculine nature?
    • How can we create a community of men that can support us in manifesting the awakened masculine in ourselves, our community, and our planet?

The work of the Awakened Masculine is a rare and timely offering

Jim Benson has created an clear, step-by-step structure within which you can explore these questions and more. Jim is a living embodiment of what it means to have asked those questions for decades. 

What makes Jim's work stand out from other men's work is his knowledge and teaching about men's sexuality. In all Awakened Masculine programs, sex is a vital and explicit gateway for greater learning.

Through healing sexual shame and wounding, understanding how to masterfully engage sexual energy, and expanding your concept of what it means to be a great lover, Jim will show you highly effective ways to access greater personal power and a fast-track to knowing the Awakened Masculine as your new lived reality.

Here’s how to experience the Awakened Masculine programs

Introductory Events

Jim offers free introductory events throughout the year that are both informational and experiential. These events take place online and in person, in various locations around the Bay Area.

Click here for Jim's schedule of in-person speaking events.

Click here for Jim's next LIVE webinar.

Multi-Orgasmic Lover Program

MOL is an step-by-step home study program containing ten modules — over eight hours of audio and over an hour of video — that directly instruct men on how to become multi-orgasmic.

MOL also provides a new map for how to relate to sexuality, overcoming blocks, beliefs and past wounding to claim the full range of your sexuality.

Learn more about becoming a MultiOrgasmic Lover.

Boot Camp

The Awakened Masculine Boot Camp is a jam-packed 3-day weekend designed to provide an powerful experience that includes tools and experiences for ongoing practice once the weekend is over.

Boot Camp is for guys who are committed to change, ready for challenge, and looking for a way to dive into an arena of transformation.

Learn more about the Awakened Masculine Boot Camp Weekend.

12-Month Immersion

The Awakened Masculine 12-Month Immersion is designed for those dedicated and determined to create a true paradigm shift in their lives.

Many men in the Immersion will have participated in Boot Camp, and resolve to take their work deeper.

The program includes 3 in-person weekends per year, monthly webinars, monthly small group meetings (online) and regular one-on-one coaching with Jim. 

Acceptance into the Immersion is available through application only. 

Learn more about the Awakened Masculine 12 Month Immersion.